Learning from Mistake, Agree or Disagree

Topics: Psychology, Learning, Learning curve Pages: 3 (1049 words) Published: April 23, 2013

I don't like to make mistake. Everything to me has to be perfect because I felt that if one person made a mistake the first time, how they would be able to do anything. That is why learning from mistake is impossible to me. When you make mistake and try to learn something from your mistake, you will waste lots of things, ruin the way that people look about you. In addition, learning from mistakes will make you regret much.

First of all, learning from our mistakes will waste you lots of things. You will waste your time because you have to do again everything that you did in the wrong way. It seems too hard to start something again which is done one time already. By doing again, you will feel bored and tired. Not only doing it over, but also, you have to find where you did it wrong and give yourself a lesson in order to prevent from making that mistake once more. Studying in this school is an example. If you failed, you had to spend 16 weeks in fall or spring semester and 8 weeks in summer semester. You have to study again. In addition, learning from your mistake will waste your money. Failing in this school is an instance. You have to spend lots of money on the subject that you failed to study again. Spending 75 US dollar for each subject in ELS program and 150 US dollar for each subject in AAS program is the result. In learning, you always have many chances to fix your mistake but how about in working, will you have any opportunity? In reality, the real world, you will not have second chance. Especially, in the business world, where everything is a competition, you do not have the time to learn from mistakes. So, you are forced to do everything completely. Even though you can learn from your mistakes, you do not have chance to fix them. It means that you will be going to end up your career. That is the reason why I don't like to learn from my mistakes.

Secondly, in daily life, learning from...
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