The Right to Fail

Topics: Failure, Success, Thing Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: April 5, 2012
In Zinsser William essay “The Right to Fail”, he talks about people’s right to take risks and chances. He explains that there is nothing wrong with making mistakes, but a lot of people consider this as a bad thing. In order to become successful, sometimes we need to fail couple times to learn new things, to find out what our strengths and weaknesses. Simply failure is a way to achieve that. People weren’t born perfect. Perfection or success is an achievement which takes time, practice and patience. There is no possible way of not making mistakes or not fail, and it’s not a bad thing. If people would do just what they know how to do it, they would never do much. Reaching for dreams and goals doesn’t always come as easy as it seems.

Zinsser underlines most aspects of why people should not be afraid to fail, but he doesn’t mention one important thing. As he says, today’s dropouts and hippies are not as afraid of failure as their parents or grandparents were and the thing which he doesn’t include in his piece is why that is. This country, over many years developed, many opportunities, fields of jobs, increased higher education access and much more. Most of us, if not all want to become successful, and even when we fail at doing one thing, there is always opportunity to try something else; some way to find that right place in society. Zinsser makes a valuable point in his essay, people shouldn’t be afraid to fail. Experience of failure it’s something that makes us stronger, and also helps us to believe in ourselves; it gives us that chance to do things better. As a matter of fact, many of the inventions are the result of mistakes. For example you had to first get burn to discoverer that the stove is hot. Without mistakes, humans learn very little.  No one can avoid mistakes, and anyone who wants to learn shouldn’t want to.  Its important to recognize mistakes, they helps to adjust our behavior so that we can learn what it takes to become more successful There are...
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