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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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Failure is not something an individual can avoid. We all make mistakes because we are imperfect. Thus, we need to look at ways that help us overcome a situation we had failed at. According to “Rich in Thought: Not every Olympian Gets a Medal” by Richard Paloma, he states,” Mistakes are tools for learning- not indicators of poor ability” (paragraph 7). Whether it’s losing a soccer game, failing a test, or coming last in a race we all have failures. Three ways that I have made a mistake, but learned from it are failure’s on a school history final, the loss of my soccer game, and stealing from Target.

The hatred in my history class caught up to me when I decided to fail my school history final. According to Dumas, “Rich in thought: Not every Olympian Gets a Medal”, by Richard Paloma, he states, “Self-esteem is a function of the self- realization of an enthusiastic struggle to attain a goal, an important part of which is making a mistake, and rising from those mistakes to accomplish an objective”(Paragraph 6). I believe that is a well said statement. You must rise from your mistakes. I chose not to study for my test because I hated history. As a result, I didn’t pass my final exam. My learning experience was if I don’t study, I won’t pass a class. For instance, if you show up to a work interview without all materials needed, they won’t hire you. You must always be prepared for what is to come. How can you expect to get a job interview or pass a class without proper knowledge? Furthermore, I learned to study for my finals. Achieving this task would have helped me succeed further in my class.

My high school soccer game that I lost was a learning mistake I will never forget. Practicing for my game with great confidence, I had failed at. I was expected a lot as a team leader. When the game came down to the last final seconds, I was trying to score a goal. I had great pride thinking I could do this without any help from my fellow team players. With that thought, I...
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