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Topics: Personal life, Psychology, Emotion Pages: 1 (374 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Having my son is the greatest blessing I have ever received. Nothing could give me more joy I would feel when I became a mom. From the moment he placed in my armies, I knew that I put my feet in a new world. It was as if I am now in a secret world full of questions, wonders, and things that only other parents can understands. The world was not looked the same as it was before. Things that were once important seem meaningless, and hours of free time soon shrink in to seconds. I experienced new pleasures. Every smile on his face brightens my life more. My perspective completely changed. The remarkable change that I felt was in my character. From very early moments I gave birth to my son I felt more responsible and protective.

Few weeks after having my son, I realize that for better or worse it is a change that cannot be undone. Then protective feeling grew stronger with each passing weeks. Desire and need to understand the world around me in order to protect my baby spread out in to every level of my life. I had concerns that never existed before in my mind. I learned to put somebody else needs as a priority. Now I spend my previous personal time to bonding, playing, attention giving to him, making sure that he has not only my love and care, but all necessary things in life prior to me. I found myself caring about politics and laws that would affect my child someday. The only books I read were on child development and their nutrition. I felt the necessity of increasing my knowledge on nurturing my son. I even care much more about myself. I feel my health is not only important for myself but also more important for my son’s life. Nobody can take care of him than I as his mom therefore; I should have good take care of myself to be always there for him. At least until he become mature enough to take care for him. Now I am more passionate and caring person. I spend so much time with my little child who looks up to me for love and attention...
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