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Managing operations in the supply chain context

14 June 2012.
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Table of contents
Section 1: Introduction of Starcomms Plc3
1.1 Products and Services3
1.2 Order Qualifiers and Winners3
1.2.1 The order qualifiers for Starcomms3
1.2.2 The order winners for Starcomms4
Section 2:5
2.1 Operations Problem5
2.2 Evidence to support the claims 5
Section 3: Potential Harm to Starcomms5
Section 4: Literature Review6
Section 5: The New Focus9
Section 6: Project to reverse the low employee retention rate at Starcomms10 6.1 Employee retention rates10
6.2 The Objective11
6.3 Project Plan Activities and Gantt chart11
Activity Process Flow12
Gantt Chart13

Section 1: Introduction of Starcomms Plc
Commercially launched in 1999, Starcomms is a mobile and fixed wireless telecommunications provider in West Africa. In 2006, Starcomms launched a 3rd generation (3G) Evolution Data Optimized (EVDO) mobile broadband data service to offer its customers smart, fast, convenient, and mobile access to the Internet and provide a corporate local area network (LAN) (a first for Nigeria and West Africa), (Starcomms.com 2010, cited in Jichi, 2010). 1.1 Products and Services

When closely analysing the Starcomms data products and services offered under the 3G Broadband Platform we found the following details: 1. Smart phones: High-end devices targeted at high net- worth individuals who make up less than 1% of data service users. 2. USB Dongles: Devices targeted at mid-income earners who make up over 95% of Starcomms data service users. 3. Wireless Routers: Mid-end devices targeted at the business customer segment and make up less than 1% of total data service users. These devices allow the Starcomms retail and business customers to communicate with their business associates, friends, and family members via voice, video, and delivery of data services. 1.2 Order Qualifiers and Winners

To gain a deeper understanding of Starcomms’ products and services and project them within the same supply chain, we need to identify and explore both the order qualifiers and order winners of this company. 1.2.1 The order qualifiers for Starcomms are:

Network Coverage Areas: Starcomms’ 3G network coverage in 12 major cities in Nigeria is by far the largest 3G network coverage delivered by any telecoms operator as of January 9, 2012. 3G Service Speed and Reliability: The reliability of code division multiplexing algorithm (CDMA) technology in data services and its inherent speed is clearly recognized by Starcomms data customers. Price: Nigeria’s competitive telecoms market and the low purchasing power of its population make it imperative that price is considered a major order qualifier for Starcomms data products. Customer Service: Customers expect efficient after-sales support for any hardware and software-related issues. Product Availability, Delivery, and Activation: Customers expect Starcomms products to be available whenever they need them and to have them activated as soon as the products are purchased, in this regard, Starcomms does ensure ongoing availability of stock in its shops. 1.2.2 The order winners for Starcomms are:

Brand: Since 2004, Starcomms has developed a well-known telecoms brand in Nigeria and succeeded in maintaining solid awareness of its brand. Price: Starcomms customers consider the company’s data services a good value for the money as can be seen in a growing and active data service subscriber base. After-Sales Support: Starcomms customers know they can come in to any one of its shops for support or call the contact centre and business support unit for professional support. Network Coverage, Speed, and Reliability: Starcomms’ vast coverage and CDMA’s speed and reliability are...
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