League of Nations

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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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League of Nations and USA
The message of this cartoon is that without the USA in the League of Nations, the League isn’t complete and will be weak without it’s figurehead of new power, which would have been the USA. The USA didn’t join the League because Woodrow Wilson and the Democrats (who proposed the idea of the League of Nations) lost against the Republicans. In America, the people were anxious that if they joined the League, they would have to send men to fight conflicts across the world, and after the tragedy of the First World War, no-one wanted to lose any more men and they didn’t like Britain and France’s empires because their trade hurt the USA’s economy. Lots of American-Germans hated the Treaty of Versailles, and the League was supposed to enforce the Treaty. In the picture, the USA is the keystone, and this shows that the USA is the most important part as they were a big and wealthy country, and would be the centre part of the bridge, which shows that the USA is key for the League to be as efficient as it can. The man in the picture looks like he has pulled the keystone out of the bridge and is guarding it, as if to say “you’re never getting this back, you’ll have to think of another way to close the gap and make the bridge sturdy”. Without the USA in the League, the League was in danger of collapsing and it was feared that another world war might follow.
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