Treaty of Versailles

Topics: Treaty of Versailles, Woodrow Wilson, Fourteen Points Pages: 2 (787 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Though the opposition to the Treaty by Congress may have had some part in its failure, Wilson’s inflexibility and bullheadedness on his views and ideas toward the Treaty of Versailles was the main factor in its downfall. Wilson did everything in his power to convince the people of the United States that the Treaty of Versailles should be approved by the Senate. Wilson's strong feelings toward the Treaty made it difficult, even impossible, to convert his thoughts of it to anything other than what they already are. He felt he had already compromised enough, letting France, Great Britain, and Italy scrap most of his 14 Points; he wasn't about to let his own country throw out the one thing he still had: the League of Nations. A big part of why Wilson accounted for the majority of the blame in the failure of the Treaty of Versailles was that he refused to compromise on any parts of the Treaty, even if they weren't his own ideas. He himself said that he would rather fail in a successful plan than succeed in a failed plan; and in Wilson's eyes, the Treaty of Versailles as he once had it was a successful plan, but Congress's insistence on changing or not accepting the Treaty is a greatly failed plan. Woodrow Wilson accepted the blame for the failure of the Treaty of Versailles, saying,"I told you before you went across the seas that this was a war against wars, and I did my best to fulfill the promise, but I am obliged to come to you in mortification and shame and say I have not been able to fulfill the promise. You are betrayed. You have fought for something that you did not get," (Document C). The Fourteen Points in and of themselves were part of the reason for the failure of America to accept the Treaty of Versailles, and therefore make Wilson part of the cause, since they were his idea. This arrangement of points was proposed by Wilson to be the peace treaty for the war. Most of it was disposed of at the peace convention,but one major idea was left that greatly...
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