Leadersip in Sports Management

Topics: Leadership, Coaching, Management Pages: 11 (4352 words) Published: March 24, 2013
The Role of Leadership in Sports Management
Methods of Research
Prepared by: Nana Janashia, Vilena Granovskaya, Michael Hirschl, Igor Kaplun Lauder Business School

22- January- 2013

Table of contents

Table of contents2
1. Introduction3
2.Who is a leader in sports management3
2. Why there is a need for a leader4
3. History of leadership (Greeks and first Olympics)6
4. Leadership Styles In Sports Management7
5. Famous coaches10
5.1. Jose Mourinho (1963)10
5.2. Emanuel Steward (1944 – 2012)11
5.3. Chen Wen13
6. Conclusion14

1. Introduction

Sports management is an area, which is seen mostly from the point of view of results or final performance of sportsmen or sportswomen. But in fact, the performance is highly dependent on managers of those sportspeople. Therefore, this topic was chosen by our group to show the clearer picture of how important effective leadership is in the success of the sports people and sports teams. The topic of enquiry is specifically how effective leadership could contribute to the successful performance of sports people and sports teams. In other words the role of leadership in sports management. Moreover, one of our research questions was how one could become a successful leader. In order to answer this question we observed some famous coaches and their leadership styles and analyzed what common qualities they possess. 2.Who is a leader in sports management

Leaders in sports management are represented by coaches. To clearly demonstrate how important their role is in the success of their trainees, we will later analyze in what ways they can influence the results of the sports people. Based on the nature of human psychology it is proven that no matter how good the sports people are or how talented the members of the sports teams are, they need a leader to direct their abilities in a right way to achieve the best results. Besides, due to the fact that sport is a huge business industry with a lot of competition, the importance of good coaches has increased dramatically. A coach is an individual who is responsible for training the sports athletes and directing their abilities towards achieving the most favorable outcome. Through intensive training, coaches are supposed to develop sports athletes physically. However training also involves mental development of those athletes, which would include resistance to stress and pressure, mental strength and in case of team sports they are responsible for uniting the team and directing team members towards the common goal. Apart from psychological preparation of athletes, a coach must also define certain strategies and tactics for the athletes about how to lead a game. In case of individual athletes it is more based on individual tactics and approaches, while in a team it could be represented in a more complicated plan of a game tactics, which a coach must design and ensure to be followed. In addition to all of these, a coach should have practical experience in the field of sports he is coaching for and transfer his own experience, knowledge and expertise to his trainees. A coach is represented by an individual person who monitors trainings of their teams or sports people every day as well as helps them develop their techniques and skills. They are also responsible for motivating their trainees towards success, inspiring them and making them psychologically strong. A coach is usually assisted by assistant coaches, who are also to be managed by the coach as part of his responsibilities. Since in sports industry there are individual and team sports, the different coaching styles and approaches are needed to effectively manage both types. Different coaching styles and methods for individual and team sports will be discussed in the later part of the research. 2. Why is there a need for a leader?

Functions of coaches: ancient methodologies of athlete preparation, which will be discussed in more...
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