Leadership vs Management

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Table of Contents
Assignment Premise3
Executive Summary3
What is a manager? What makes a good one and are all managers' great leaders?4 Great managers make great decisions5
External and internal factors affecting the performance of the modern manager6 Culture and performance6
Global Financial Crisis7
Information overload7
Ethics and social responsibility shaping management7

Assignment Premise

Today's business world revolves around making decisions, often risky ones, usually with incomplete information, and under intense time pressure. Most managers are making one decision after another, and as if that were not challenging enough, more is at stake than ever before.

Executive Summary

"Don't ever believe that you can tell if a man is a leader by knowing his rank" (Jarvis, 2004, p. A1)

There is more at stake than ever before when it comes to decision-making in the life of a manager operating in the twenty-first century, however applying good management discipline should be able to overcome these high-risk stakes and nullify their affect.

It is true the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) has thrown the world into chaos and has created unseen pressures on this generation of managers and many have indeed failed in their roles.

The modern manager also has to deal with rapidly increasing technological advancements creating a tsunami of available information, which leads to overloading and ineffective performance.

Regardless of the challenge ahead, good managers will always apply eternal truths to ensure their business outcomes are, more often-than-not, positive.

Successful leaders are always:

• Involving others in decision-making and making courageous decisions

• Dedicated to building high-performance teams

• Communicating a strong vision and will lead by example

• Avoiding information overload through careful adoption of technology

• 'Managing things and leading people' by displaying high-levels of empathy

• Flexible and are considered in their management approach when applying control

• Highly structured and focused on management by achieving clear objectives

• Highly planned and organised

• Focused on good recruitment choices to get the "right people on the bus"

• Promoting an organisational culture of trust, honesty and accountability

Not all managers are good leaders and truly great organisations do not promote managers solely...
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