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Leadership and Management: Historically a Part of Life
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BUSI 501: Executive Leadership and Management

Since the early 1800s, multiple influential contributors have analyzed management and leadership. Controversy stills remains over similarities and differences between management and leadership. Colm McCormick, author of Leadership, Leadership, Leadership claims that “…everyday leadership is simply management of higher level things: everything in life comes back to management” (2009). Harvard Business School professor, John Kotter (as cited in Satterlee, 2010, p. 5), proposes management and leadership are separate roles. Managers Manage and Leaders Lead

Jacqueline McLean explores the relationship between managing and leading. According to Iscoe (as cited in McLean, 2005) “To manage is to control and manipulate” and “to lead is to influence and persuade” (p. 16). Moreover, the SEE (as cited in McLean, 2005) suggests the requirement of a leader is not a necessity thus concludes that leadership is only a skill. Her findings are supported by Jim Clemmer (as cited in McLean, 2005), both management and leadership are not synonymous, but are essential for an organization to achieve goals, growth, and order. Managerial Leadership

Managerial leadership is vital to success and order within an organization (Satterlee, 2009, p. 8). Without management roles and focused skills (i.e. technical, human, and conceptual), those skills become incoherent, and if a mission and or vision was produced, the mission of an organization would be invisible (pp. 11-12). Management provides “planning, organizing, leading, and controlling human and other resources” (p. 4). Management: Historically Faithful

Prior to Adam Smith’s division of labor (Satterlee, 2009), biblical references clearly indicate the value of managers and leadership skills. In the book of Exodus, the Israelites (organization by heritage and faith) seek the will of God,...
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