Essay on Leadership and Management

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  • Published : May 12, 2011
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The terms leadership and management are often used interchangeably. While some writers argue that there is a clear distinction between leadership and management, others argue that leadership is simply a function of management. Which view do you feel is the most relevant in the context of your industry and why?

According to Ricketts (2009) in today’s world effective leadership and management is essential in order to archive success. Terms of leadership and management are being seen as synonyms and often used interchangeably. Some writers such as Zeleznik, Kotter think that there is no close relationship between leadership and management, while others persuade us that leadership is simply one of the characteristic of the manager. This essay will compare and evaluate different approaches to the subject.

Armstrong (2008) describes leadership as a process that focuses mostly developing, communicating and motivating. Further Armstrong indentifies three fundamental roles for leaders; defining the task, achieve the task and maintain effective relationship between themselves and group members. Moreover, Kanter (2004, as cited by Mullins 2007) states that leadership is not about leaders, but how they establish confidence of subordinates. Leaders must have followers, without them they would never reach their goals. Particularly in airline and airport management it vital, because they goals never change, customer experience is the most important for company. That is why line workers must be always confident and motivated by their leaders. According to Useem (2001, as cited by Mullins 2007) leadership is the most profitable, when the vision is strategic, the voice persuasive and the results appreciable. Leadership says Mullins (2007: 363) “is a relationship through which one person influences the behaviour or action of other people”. Leader in this indutry definitely must have strong interpersonal skills, having people coming for different ethnic and cultural...
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