Leadership in Social Network

Social network, Social capital, Interpersonal ties

Social network is a description of the social structure between actors, mostly individuals or organization (Serrat, 2009). Social network comprise community groups or organization, individual, and the relationship or connection among them. Any one individual can be part of multiple social networks, and the nature of these networks and the individual’s connection to the network can vary greatly (NIH, 2011). Bonding and bridging are two different kinds of connectivity. Bonding denotes connection in a tightly knit group whilst bridging denotes connections to diverse others (Hope and Reinelt, 2010). These two terms are commonly used in the social capita literature. The extent to which bonding or bridging occurs in a network often represent an intermediary outcome of leadership development. Social network is also fragmented into cluster of individuals having similar characteristic since clustering of individuals having similar characteristics since clustering is general property of networks. In many cases, a person’s friends may be friends with each other, creating a clique. A cluster is a tightly knit, highly bonded, subgroup. Identifying clutters is important because it illuminates important previously unrecognized subgroups. LEADERSHIP NETWORKS

There are four types of leadership networks
(i) Peer Leadership network is a system a system of social ties among leaders who are connected through shared interest and commitments, shared work, or share experience. Peer leadership network provide leaders with access to resources that they can trust. (ii) Organizational leadership networks is set of social ties that are structured to increase performance (iii) Field-policy leadership network is characterized by a network connecting leaders who share common interests and who have a commitment to influence a field of practice or policy. Effective field-policy leadership networks make it easier for larders to find common ground around...
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