Heidi Roizen

Topics: Social network, Sociology, Social capital Pages: 4 (1418 words) Published: October 30, 2012
1. Using the assigned readings, provide an analysis of Roizen’s network Heidi Roizen’s network is based on a wealth of social capital, or resources in the form of ideas, leads, power, trust, and financial capital. Roizen’s management of her social capital has enabled her to attain professional and personal success by building her networks with individuals from numerous groups. These include her original networks at Tandem – as editor of the company newsletter – developing relationships with the press and joining the board of the Software Publishers Association (SPA), to her high profile role at Apple. Roizen leveraged her social capital effectively by building and maintaining her networks through performance and consistency during her interactions. She was not just responsive to the requests from her contacts, but she was also consistent in following up with what she said she would do for them. Furthermore, she was productive in creating value for her networks by bridging the gaps between social networks i.e. the so-called “structural holes”. Heidi was a catalyst in bringing ideas and people together where she saw mutual benefit for both parties. In addition, by filling the “structural holes”, Heidi was able to tap into a vast network of contacts by keeping close relationships with the “nuclei” in certain circles. Roizen was also able to comfortably mix personal and professional relationships. She hosted numerous parties at her home for friends and contacts which was a way to effectively manage her networks. Roizen was able to increase her quality of life by keeping close networks through constant interactions, as Baker has mentioned in his book “Achieving Success thorough Social Capital”

2. What are the strengths of Roizen’s networks at the end of the case? Weaknesses? Strengths
The strengths of Heidi Roizen’s networks at the end of the case are as following: * She has mastered how to maintain her network by filling the “structural holes”, or...
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