Leadership Ethics

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During routine testing of a toy collection that was due to be shipped to South America at the end of this week, the quality assurance department discovered there were traces of lead that are above the legal limit for younger children. This has created a problem that needs our immediate attention. First, I identified the problem. We have discovered, through routine checking done by the quality assurance department that metal whistles produced at our company contains traces of lead that’s higher than the legal requirement. Then I gathered all the information needed to address and rectify this problem. We will be unable to ship the metal whistles to the schools, however, because we are committed to excellence we must find an alternative so that we keep our customers and maintain a high standard of quality service to them. The information gathered has allowed our company to have knowledge of a compromised product before it enters the hand of the customer. This gives us an opportunity to correct the issue. While analyzing the full situation I have concluded that we need to quickly make a decision and ultimately a solution to this problem we have. I have developed some options that we can consider. Three alternatives are included for this situation along with the best alternative to remedy this problem. Alternative one is for us to remake lead free whistles for the school. Making the decision to remake the whistles without lead communicates to our customers that we hold them in the highest esteem, that we are concerned about their health, and that we hold ourselves accountable to doing our best at all times for the individuals we provide a service to. The disadvantage of remaking the whistles is that our company will have to spend money we did not otherwise intend to. In addition to this, our production team has to revisit the issues that went wrong with the first production of whistles and make every attempt to correct the problem, which puts them behind on their schedule for other items. Financially, we need to use additional money to remake the whistles; however, not remaking the whistles can have long term negative effects on our company. Legally, we are required to make a product that is safe for our consumers; not adhering to this can lead to law suits against our company. We are required to operate this company in compliance with these laws. This gives us an opportunity to conduct business in a manner that would hold us accountable for items that are not acceptable according to standards set by the law. If we ignore these laws then we should consider the negative impacts that choice would have on the company. They can be numerous and can lead to a detrimental end. Ethically, we are obligated to our consumers and to ourselves to correct mistakes we have made and provide a service to others that is honest. The benefit of being honest simple means we are taking responsibility for our mistakes. If we do not make an attempt to accept that we have a problem and that we need to fix it, then the repercussions can be negative and extensive.

Alternative number two is to remove the whistles out of the collection packages. The advantage of this decision is that we would still be able to ship the package to the schools. The disadvantages of this decision include an incomplete package along with unsatisfied customers. Financially, we do not have to spend any additional revenues for this decision, however having dissatisfied customers can cost us more long term. Legally, this decision has no immediate ramification; it can, however, eventually lead to our consumers’ dissatisfaction in our actions and they can file a suit against us for an incomplete product. Ethically, we must supply the consumers with the products that we have agreed to deliver to them. We at all times want to have our customers rely on us for quality products that are good for consumption. Our third alternative is to purchase a...
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