Leadership Comparison Between Sir Richard Branson and Bill Gates

Topics: Leadership, Richard Branson, Management Pages: 11 (3384 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Leadership style of Sir Richard Branson and Knight Bill Gates

Table of Contents
1.Executive summary3
3.Get to know Sir Richard Branson5
4.Get to know Bill Gates6
5.Leadership styles used by Sir Richard Branson7
6.Leadership styles used by Knight Bill Gates10
7.Comparison of the leadership styles of Sir Richard Branson and12
Knight Bill Gates12
8.Which of the two characters seemed to be more effective?14

1. Executive summary

This report contains the characteristics and comparison between the leadership qualities of Bill Gates and Richard Branson. Here it is discussed how Bill Gates carryout to be a successful business entrepreneur being a democratic leader with a high innovative vision. Furthermore, Richard Branson as a fun full leader who succeeded with no theoretical knowledge implemented with regard to leadership. He was a passionate leader who was very much confidence about himself and who marketed his products with his image. Hence, it could be said that none of the leaders had the same characteristics other than a perfect vision and an aim to fulfill their dreams which lead them to be successful characters in the world.

2. Introduction

This report contains the characteristics of Bill Gates and Richard Branson also the leadership qualities and a fair comparison between them. This is useful for the readers who have a dream to be a successful business entrepreneur to get a knowledge about two most success personnel. Furthermore the positive points that one could gain and the drawbacks are well compared and contrasted. Hence it explains which of the two characters Bill Gates or Richard Branson was more successful as a leader. The aim of this would be to get to know the two characters and compare their leadership qualities to detect the most effective leadership exemplary. Though this report discuss about characteristics of Bill Gates and Richard Branson the priority is given to the leadership style of these personnel.

3. Get to know Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson is one of the world’s most intriguing and durable entrepreneurial business leaders. As the founder of Virgin group he could be seen as a successful leader with a unique leadership style which cannot be found in any of the management leadership handbook theories. He was born in 1950, London. Richard Branson had poor academic reports contrast to the excellent performance in outdoor sports activities. His autobiography entitled “losing my virginity” was an international best seller. In his career as a businessman he had created successful companies as well as some unsuccessful ones. Branson’s first business was selling Christmas trees. The Ultimate success of business was the Virgin Records, a shop which was in London. This was named as virgin since at that time they were all new to the respective field. The virgin Group is known for the record labels, airline, cellular phones and many more of the business ventures.

4. Get to know Bill Gates

William Bill Gates is the co-founder, Chief executive and Chairman of the Officer of Microsoft Organization. He got famous for producing the best software for personal computers through his personal desire to gain success. He is known as a successful entrepreneurial business leader who guides himself and also the others by being an inspirational character. Bill Gates was born in 1955 and was intelligent from the childhood. He performed well in his studies seeing this; Bill’s parents gave him a good education. He was first exposed to computers in seventh grade. He was interested in computers from his childhood that he would even cut classes but he always did his homework. In 1973 Bill Gates got into Harvard University and left in 1975 to devote him-self in the Microsoft Company. He is also known for his...
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