Leadership Character

Topics: Leadership, Management, Situational leadership theory Pages: 3 (914 words) Published: December 11, 2011
Daniel, S

I will discuss the Los Angeles Probation Department in regards to how leadership characteristics, follower characteristics, and situational factors all influence leadership effectiveness. All three are of upmost importance and they all intertwine. Chief Blevins is showing excellent leadership characteristics in that he has a vision and he knows how to navigate the L.A.C.P.D. from point A to Z. I have reviewed the Chief’s Strategic Plan and he is very detailed of his expectations. I am very impressed with the positive changes is going to make. He is a good listener (he reads employee comments on website), in that he talks to the employees in the department in regards to their concerns and he asks them how can we as a department resolve the matter. To my knowledge, I can not recall a chief who cared to ask the employees any of their concerns. From my observation he has a genuine interest in making changes that will benefit the department as a whole. He has the ability to get the majority of employees to buy-in to making a positive change that is desperately needed (he has my full cooperation). He has held his current position no more than the last three to six months, but in that short time he has written and implemented his plan and everything should be in full operation come June 2010. Leadership is the key in building the foundation within an organization. The organization’s leaders should possess strong skills, be knowledgeable of their organization, and keep abreast of new changes that may affect the organization, and last work together for the common good of the organization. “Effective leaders create positive organizational cultures, strengthen motivation, clarify mission and organizational objectives, and steer organizations to more productive and high performing outcomes”. “Recent evidence of the importance of leadership and its absence or limited presence in some public organizations is plentiful” (Partnership for Public Service 2003). I...
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