Leader Qualities

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The Qualities of a Great Leader

A quiet but mean, always criticizing, and stuttering leader- would you want that person as a leader of the society or even a small group? Would you want them to be in charge of organizing and leading? Hello class 4C my name is Kate and I will be presenting the qualities of a great leader. There are overall 4 main qualities for an effective leader in my opinion. They are healthy relationships, passion, presenting skills, and lastly, criticizing and complimenting skills. There are several examples and reasons to support my opinion.

First, healthy relationships are basically about developing healthy relationships with group members or followers. Many great leaders from the past had very healthy and heartwarming relationships with others. That proved that they could get along and socialize with other people very well. Without this skill, being a leader is impossible because in order to become a trusting leader, people have to trust, believe, and follow you. You can’t be called a leader if you don’t have any followers. But, there are a few leaders who lack this skill. For an example, my mom, who is a leader for me, lacks this skill. She does not have a heartwarmingly close relationship with me and that affects our behaviors against each other. Therefore, I think healthy relationship is an important quality.

Second, there is passion. The leader needs to have passion for being a good leader, the group, and the accomplishment of the group. Without passion, the leader won’t influence anyone or get the accomplishment done. If the leader shows passion about their followers, the followers will be inspired and thankful to the leader. The leader has to have a passion to be an inspiring leader. A leader who is very passionate is usually looked up to. For an example, Gandhi, was full of passion for peace. He wanted India to have peace, not violence. He showed his passion by action, not just words. He demonstrated without violence...
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