Leadership Assessment of Billy Graham

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The Leadership Assessment of Billy Graham

A Paper
Submitted to Dr. James Andy Wood
In Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Course
The Life of the Leader
CLED 520

Brian A. Robinson

16 December 2011

Introduction to the Leadership of Billy Graham
There are many different types of leaders and leadership styles throughout the many cultures of our world. Most are tied to one certain entity or cause. Although Dr. Billy Graham is tied to God, he is an example of leadership that spans across many different sectors. He has impacted the ministry of America by crossing lines of division among the churches as well as cultural traditions. He is motivated by love of God and that love is transferred to loving people and himself. He recognizes that he is man and he recognizes the flaws the stain that sin has left on the human nature.

There are many developmental areas to consider in a leader. The ones that will be discussed in light of Dr. Billy Graham and his leadership style is Cultural Development, Relational Spirituality, Holistic Spirituality, Process Spirituality, Spirit-filled Spirituality, Warfare Spirituality, Nurturing Spirituality, and Corporate Spirituality. The Faith Development of Billy Graham

Dr. Graham’s development took leaps and bounds when comparing his legacy today with the teen that was dumped by a girl that intrigued him. Like many, he experienced failure when he had his faith in something of this world. The girl stated that she didn’t see a real purpose in his life and that was like the spark that God provided to light a fire for the world.

As he submitted himself to the will of God, he started to grow as in faith and as a leader. When he told God that nothing would ever come before Him again in his life, it was like the pruning of the girl he was head-over-heels for opened his heart for the Holy Spirit to come in and grow him into something that many call great. Although many aren’t able to see the growth of their faith as soon as they ask Jesus to be their savior, Billy Graham seemed to be in tune with God to the point that he could understand when God was opening doors and when it was time for him to walk through those doors. The Cultural Development of Billy Graham

Billy Graham embraced three essentials that can be related to how he adds to cultural development. Mr. Graham believed that a person or leader should be strong in believing the purpose of their mission, ignore most of the criticism cast towards the leader, and a leader should not respond in a reactive way to critics. These three essentials help to incorporate the gospel of love into the dealings of negativity that culture brings.

The first essential of being strong in believing the purpose of the mission keeps the mission moving forward. When the mission is within the purpose that God has for the leader, the culture will be positively affected by the mission. When the leader is challenged by obstacles that present themselves in different forms, the strength in the purpose of the mission will prevail as opposed to a weak belief of purpose.

When a leader ignores most of the criticism that comes from the culture around them, they add value to the cultural development by staying focused on the mission at hand. Many times the criticism will derail or halt the mission or leader and/or cause them to be distracted. When the leader is confident that God is first and the mission is within God’s plan, the ignoring of criticism should be a priority in order to keep priorities.

The last essential is the response to critics. When critics infuriate a leader, the response will most likely fuel the controversy. The benefits of having the controversy are scarce when compared to the purpose of the mission. The way a leader responds to critics and controversy could also distract from the overall mission, thus affecting the cultural development of the mission and the leader in a negative...
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