Leadership Assessment: Greene vs. Maxwell

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  • Published : September 22, 2012
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Leadership Self-Assessment and Reflection

Developing the Leader Within You by John C. Maxwell is a practical application to servant leadership. In this book Maxwell outlines the skills necessary to become a great leader, or to simply excel from one level of leadership to another. Maxwell suggests ten principles on which the foundation of great leadership is built. In assessing my own leadership skills, the principles with which I am most effective are Influence, Integrity and People. In order to become a better leader, I must adjust my Attitude, learn and study Staff Development and organize my Priorities. According to Maxwell “leadership is influence” (Maxwell, 1993 p. 1). It is the ability to get people to follow you. Maxwell uses this chapter to introduce the 5 levels of leadership: Position, Permission, Production, People Development and Personhood (Maxwell, 1993). I believe that I am transitioning from Position to Permission. In my last leadership position, people followed me because of who I was affiliated with and the position I was in. Now people follow me because of my ability to build and maintain effective relationships and they are starting to acknowledge my skills as well as the effort I put into my work. As I move toward the Permission level, I would like to start investing my time and energy into the people around me to develop leaders within my organization. I believe this will highlight how influential I can be as a leader. Maxwell defines integrity as words matching deeds. A leader with integrity practices what he/she preaches (Maxwell 1993). Integrity is really important to me. It builds a solid reputation and strong relationships through trust. According to Maxwell, leaders are called to a higher standard of living than their followers, setting an example to do the right thing in any situation (Maxwell, 1993). In my opinion, being morally gray does not define your integrity. A leader’s credibility depends on their ability to be consistent...
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