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Leadership Interview
Leaders-like can be found everywhere but effective leaders are going extinction. Yes, in this world, where people are able to express their own ideas, anyone can be chosen as a leader because he or she possesses a certain characteristics that resembles a leader – outspoken, intelligent, or the ability to express ideas in a single sentence (Ricketts, 2009). However, the leader characteristics are not always an assurance of becoming an effective leader. As according to IAAP (2009), effective leadership is the key to success of organizations. Effective leader are somewhat hard to classify in terms of characteristics – but one thing is for sure, he /she is able to lead the group without imposing authority among members. In simple terms, effective leaders are those people who are seen working just like an ordinary member of the groups but the outcome or output of the group is highly commendable. This is because, he works hand in hand with his people and the atmosphere when everybody’s working is as cool as ice. Works or jobs are growing freely with the flow, without noticing that they have already solved the problem together. Being able to lead people is leadership – by definition, Leadership is simply being able to influence other people in a positive way, and inspire subordinates to work hard for success of the organization (IAAP, 2009). Having this thought in mind about leaders and leadership, the first person that came into my mind as a potential to be interviewed for this assignment is one of our dear family friend, Mr. Karl Fuentes. Mr. Fuentes is of Filipino-descend but is living in the United States for quite some time. He is the manager of one of the McDonalds Store in Modesto California. McDonalds is headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, U.S. It is one of the largest fast food chains in the world and started its operation in 1940, and it is currently present in over 120 countries worldwide serving billions of consumer a day (Yahoo Finance, 2012). He started as a part time service crew for the store and after few years of working since he was already working full time, he got promoted as a manager of the branch. Mr. Fuentes, now 23 is still a student at California State University and he became a manager at the age of 19. According to him, he did not expect to be promoted as a manager because he is only an immigrant. However, since God was on his side and good luck was born with him, he accepted the promotion without having second thought. According to him, the responsibilities of a service crew and a manager are can be compared to David and Goliath – little and huge. As a service crew, your responsibilities was only to serve the food to the customer’s table, clean the store such as wiping the table and mop the floor; and sometimes, immediate person to handle customer complaints – simple and linear. However, according to Mr. Fuentes, when he became the manager, responsibilities did overwhelm him and shaken his confidence. You are the one responsible for the whole store, from inventory to management functions, to handling customer complaints and even monitoring and hitting sales quotas. You also need to assure the quality of the food, the cleanliness of the whole store as well as the marketing side of the store. All of that, you need to manage, monitor and maintain. Personally, I already have known the concepts or theories behind the responsibilities of a manager, but seeing the facial and bodily expression of Mr. Fuentes, I came to realize that it really isn’t easy. There are a lot of sacrifices you need to do to cope with the duties and responsibilities of being a manager or as the leader in the store.

Well, before going deeper into personal experiences of Mr. Fuentes, I asked his opinion on the word “Leader”. In the back of my mind, I was thinking actually that he will go into deep explanation like theories from books, or any other materials. I didn’t expect that his answers will be “A leader...
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