Leadership Qualifications in the LeBLANC Group

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Leadership Qualifications in the LeBLANC Group

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Table of Contents

1. IntroductionPg. 3

1. LeBLANC Group ProfilePg. 3

1. The ProblemPg. 4

2. Purpose of the PaperPg. 4

3. Developing the Academic foundation of LeadershipPg. 4

1. Leadership and Emotional IntelligencePg. 4

2. Leadership that gets ResultsPg. 6

3. Primal LeadershipPg. 7

4. The Quintessential LeaderPg. 9

5. Theoretical Leadership ModelPg. 10

6. ConclusionPg. 12

7. BibliographyPg. 14

Appendix 1Pg. 16

1. Introduction

The definition of leadership according to John C. Maxwell in his bestseller, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, is "leadership is influence - nothing more, nothing less".

The significant component to the above is that of the person’s ability to influence people to follow them. This “control “of these followers does not necessarily mean only for the positive because, if not used correctly, this level of influence can be used negatively. Examples of this are the numerous stories of life gurus influencing mass suicides or Adolf Hitler using his influence to carry out the atrocities of World War 2. On the contrary there are also those leaders that are seen to be great leaders of their time like Nelson Mandela or Ghandi. In both aforementioned cases these leaders knew what they were doing with their intentions or final outcomes envisioned as they wanted them to be. It is this ability that leaders have and their approach to how they are going to lead being determined by their own vision and creativity that will be discussed in this paper.

In the business world there are many leaders at differing levels. Leaders in marketing, production, logistics, implementation etc. but the problem seems to be in finding the next CEO from within the levels of middle management – The Quintessential Leader! What model does one look at in order to find the right fit amongst the group?

This paper will consider the issues discussed through the works of leadership theorist Daniel Goleman and others so as to develop an academic foundation of leadership. The theories researched will be put forward along with suggestions as to how the potential leader can achieve the required leadership levels. The paper will then investigate the characteristics that make up the Post Modern Quintessential leader. Finally a leadership model suitable to the research will be put forward to be put into practice by the LeBLANC Group.

1. LeBLANC Group profile

The LeBLANC Group of Companies specializes in providing solutions, services and products for the telecommunication infrastructure industry. These services and products can be very diverse in nature requiring the skills of many skillful engineers, project managers and implementation staff, logistical staff and financial experts in order to satisfy their market demands. The LeBLANC market is also just as diversified in that it is multiregional encompassing the Middle East, Africa, South East Asia and Australasia therefore covering many different cultural aspects. The current organization chart (see appendix 1) shows the structure of the LeBLANC Group and it is from within the middle management that LeBLANC needs to find a successor for the group as well as a replacement of that person. This successor could come from within any of the 11 middle managers highlighted in the chart.

2. The Problem

The LeBLANC Group need to find a suitable leadership identifying model so as to develop their succession plan for the future! They have gone through many models and listened to many consultants but keep on being presented with theories and models highlighting traits needed for the potential future leader but nothing...
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