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Essay 1

Leadership How do leaders get to lead successfully?

Eva Katharina Gorenflo

Tutor: Dr Jo Cullinane

12 December 2006

Words: 4109


Just for your inspiration…

There are about 110 titles matching your search when you put the word “leadership” in the universities library search engine. 265.000.000 is the number of results you receive when you ask Google to provide you with information on „leadership“. Not to mention Yahoo! or MSN. So where to start? Which information is the most reliable and suitable? This is a really difficult task because there are so many different views, and no real “One-Best-Model”. However, as I myself hope to derive benefit from my efforts on this essay, I will do my best to separate the wheat from the chaff, so that I can apply all the information gathered, once I have finished my studies…

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What is Leadership?

Definition: Leadership Leadership vs. Management


Leadership Styles & Leadership Skills

Development of Leadership


The Trait Approach The Style/Behavioural Approach The Contingency Approach Transformational Leadership


Summary and Conclusion





Leadership can be found everywhere – at home, at school, at university, at work etc. Wherever a task or a job needs to be done, a person can start practicing leadership. The teacher at school for example practices leadership in front of his class or the construction supervisor at the building site. Although leadership is present in almost all situations of daily life, this essay will focus especially on organisational leadership.

Organisational leadership is a very popular but also controversial topic. Each year a large amount of new guidebooks on leadership is published, and each book has a quite different attitude towards the same issue. One suggests that leaders should be uncompromisingly assertive and the next recommends a friendly democratic style. As all of them promise to deliver the perfect leadership styles and skills, how does a leader know which of them is the most appropriate for him or her? Is it possible to lead an organisation successfully if all guidebooks “lead” in different directions?

Scientists have been searching for a universal leadership theory, achieved through practical experience, empirical studies and existing literature for a long time. However, no one view has yet been established. So why is there no such thing as a “One-Best-Model”? What makes leadership so elusive? This essay addresses these questions by examining a selection of some of the major leadership theories. There are many approaches which try to assess the suitability of leadership traits and styles, considering influences such as the environment and the situation. The first section of this essay explores the term leadership as well as the difference between leaders and managers. The second part of the essay will be about the development of leadership by examining different leadership approaches and the last part will give a short summary of the essay as well as a...
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