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Describe the personal characteristics that enable leaders to be effective •Leadership Definition

Diverse people look to the terms management and leadership in diverse way. Some use them for the same meaning and see them as synonyms. While others see leadership is extremely different from management and are opposite because they believe that cannot be a good manager and good leader at the same time. The third part of people or individuals hold the stick from the middle and realize that there leadership is different from management and realize that an individual can have both of them with right knowledge (Ricketts, 2009).

Simply the term of Leadership can be defined as a relationship influence between leaders and followers who struggle for genuine alteration and achieving results that reflect their common purposes and principles. Leadership can be implemented by people at all levels in any organization. To lead effectively and efficiently, three aspects should be considered centrally. The first feature or aspect is the influence by which things can be done through followers if they are convinced and influenced. The second feature is sharing purposes with followers. Leader always should believe that people are looking for change which will lead them to improvement and development by which the third aspect is implemented. Persuading others to accept a definite way of action is called the influence and it is the most vital feature of leadership. Leaders make a new idea and vision that reflects the worries and ambitions of followers. Each acts in ways that shift everyone in the direction of the ordinary goal.

Characteristics and Behaviors of effective leaders or Leadership

As some refer to all kind of skills that form the effective leadership as characteristics, in my point of view they can be divided to characteristics and behaviors. Characteristics and behaviors are interrelated dependent aspects that guide leaders toward success. They cannot be explained separately or excluded from each other.

Personal Characteristics Needed for Effective Leadership.

Personal Characteristics are the reasonably constant elements that make each person distinctive. They consist of physical, social, and personal characters and some characteristics match the stereotype of a successful leader.Personal characteristics of leadership are many and varied and lot of researchers, thinkers and writers followed different ways which commensurate with the time and place and they cannot be counted but will touch on important characteristics in detail as follows.

Emotional Intelligence is a collection of capabilities that enable persons to identify and know their own and others’ thoughts, feelings and emotions and to use these approaches to lead their own thinking and measures. It develops over many years through experiences. Emotional intelligence can be divided to four components which are self awareness, self control, social awareness and social skill. Self Awareness is the skill of recognizing and understanding your moods, emotions, drives and their impact on others. In another way, it is the ability to recognize how you will respond in certain situations and recognizing how your responses and reactions influence others. It is the ability of understanding your own motivation and goals. Self Control exists when the individual is capable to adjust and forward others own disordered desires and humors. Social Awareness is the ability to realize the emotional structure of others. By social awareness, people can be treated according to their emotional responses. Social Skill is the talent to construct public and social networks and build relationships. To get all following the same direction, managing relationship is very highly required for the same.

Self Management is the second important personal characteristics off effective leaders. It is capability of leaders to handle & control themselves. The theory here is that leaders...
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