Leader of a Country

Topics: John F. Kennedy, Leadership, Dominican Republic Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: July 28, 2011
To lead a big group of people it takes determination, leadership, understanding, patience and imagination. I have been captain of the senior soccer team for four years now and I have learnt a lot. It is very hard to lead a big group and to fulfill all of the necessities, however it only takes patience and a sensitive, yet strong personality to succeed as a leader. When it comes to leading a country, many things have to be taken into consideration. You have to be fair, you have to be a role model and you have to actually keep your promises. If I was the leader of my country, I would find a way to make it easy to be very democratic, I would set an example for all people, from small kids to adults and I for sure would only make promises which I knew I could keep.

The Dominican Republic is a small island with many of the common problems which all countries face today. Some are a little more drastic, however the country has its beauties too. Picturing myself as the leader of my country, I would be very democratic. Every person has the right to speak and vote for its own desires. With such a large crowd it will be a challenge but everyone has to be heard, from complaints to positive comments.

Setting an example is essential. I care about what others say and as a leader, I can’t lead if I don’t have the respect of the people and I can’t correct them if I’m making mistakes too. Many leaders have had their scandals like John F. Kennedy and others and because of this they loose respect. To set a good example I would remain distant of the people to avoid scandals and to show how noble a leader can be I would make charity donations for the improvement in lifestyle of those in need.

All leaders from all over the world make their promises to get elected and do not keep those promises. As leader of my country I know how much these promises mean to the people, therefore I would only make the promises I knew I could keep. Promises like the improvement of homes and provide...
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