Lead by Example

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  • Published : August 18, 2011
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Lead By Example

SSG Alfred J. Stringer



This paper makes the argument that the examples set by leaders will directly affect the actions and overall effectiveness of their organizations. Morality and upholding the Army Values and the basic principles of the United States of America are paramount principles of character that leaders should possess. Subordinates will many times copy and mirror their leaders so it is critically important for superiors to set good examples. Soldiers who observe leaders not living up to the Army standards lose faith with the organization and suffer morally from the bad example. The conclusion states that personal as well as professionally moral leader will improve the community and country. Keywords: morality, credibility, example

It is a proven fact the character and example of leaders directly affects their subordinates, and their actions. “Leaders set an example whether they know it or not.” (FM 6-22) This statement has proven true through all human history. Modern problems and increasing national insecurity demand strong moral leadership. The character and examples set by upcoming leaders will shape future generations and lead us into the unknown future. The question is, are the examples being set by our local, state, national and professional leaders, good or bad, moral or immoral, responsible or not, and how is it affecting society and our respective organizations? Leaders are constantly evaluated and critiqued by his subordinates. Even the most accepting and supportive soldier will make mental notes on the faults of their superiors. Those soldiers, when receiving orders from a bad example leader, may follow orders and do so without question, but as the soldier observes the discrepancies in their leader’s character, the respect for the leader and overall moral of the soldier will eventually decrease. Subordinates want and expect competency, integrity and loyalty from their leaders. They...
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