Law Assignment

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Commercial Law

Summer, 2012


This is a significant task that requires forward planning and adequate time for research, reading and reflecting. You should begin researching early to gather information and establish a plan as soon as possible.

The purposes of the assignment are to enable you to:

• develop your independent research skills;
• enhance your understanding of law as a dynamic process; • learn how to independently research a particular aspect of the law; • reflect on and consider particular legal issues;
• learn and apply how to solve legal problems using IRAC/ILAC format; • demonstrate understanding of the legal environment, including relevant laws as well as economic, ethical, social/cultural, international and political issues; • develop your knowledge about the subject area of your research; • demonstrate the ability to investigate, synthesise and analyse; • develop critical thinking ability;

• communicate the findings in a formal price of work and meet a deadline; • enhance your analytical and written communication skills; and • apply your legal skills.

Your work must comply with the format outlined in the University's General Guide to the Presentation of Academic Work publication, available online at:

Assignments must be accompanied by a signed official cover sheet ('Plagiarism Declaration Form'), available online at

On the cover sheet, please state your name, student numbers the paper name and assignment number also the reference system you choose to use, the word count for your assignment, and a signed honesty statement identifying that you are aware of the University of Ballarat’s policies on plagiarism, and that this submission is entirely your own work free of plagiarism and collaboration.

The length of the assignment must not be more than 2,200 words. Do not include the references or bibliography in the word count. This assignment is worth of 35 marks. Due date for submission is Friday 20th January (Week 9). Penalties will apply for late submission. Assignment must be submitted electronically in the drop box on the Moodle page for this course. Contact your lecturer for further instructions.


The assignment has two scenarios or legal problems. You are required to solve these two legal problems using your knowledge of Contract law only. You do not need to consider Australian Consumer Laws or any other laws even though you may find them relevant. You are expected to use IRAC/ILAC format that you have learnt in your class.

If you have any questions, please ask your lecturer or tutor.

Scenario 1:

Kathy, based in Brisbane, is a renowned public speaker in the area of Human Rights. She is invited as a key note speaker at a two-day conference in Ballarat on “Interplay between Human Rights and Economic Development”. Organisers of the conference promised Kathy accommodation and return tickets from Brisbane to Melbourne. Kathy is responsible for her travel to and from Melbourne Airport which is 107 km away from Ballarat. It takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes by car but longer by other public transport. Kathy’s key note paper “Generation Y and Intergenerational Rights” deeply moved the participants and especially Mark and Laura, students of Fundamentals of Law at the University of Ballarat. Mark and Laura joined Kathy during the conference lunch and shared their views. They also offered Kathy a lift to Melbourne Airport on her day of return. Relying on Mark and Laura, Kathy made no other travel arrangements. Subsequently, neither Mark, nor Laura turned up to take Kathy to Airport. Kathy later took an airport shuttle bus to Melbourne Airport but ultimately she missed her flight. Kathy had to buy a new ticket to travel back to Brisbane at considerable expense. Mark and Laura had to submit...
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