Law421 Week 2 Assignment

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Addressing International Legal and Ethical Issues Simulation Summary LAW/421
April 23, 2012
Prof. McAdams

Addressing International Legal and Ethical Issues Simulation Summary

What are the issues involved in resolving legal disputes in international transactions? All contracts that deal with outside countries must be able to have some type of legal implementation (Melvin, 2011 page). There has to be some type of enforcement on the contract or it may never be resolved. What are some practical considerations of taking legal action against a foreign business partner based in another country? The law of other countries is the first and foremost important thing to take into doing business within that country. The United States laws are only upheld within the United States and not in a foreign country. The law that matters is the enforceable law in that country. Contracts are only binding if they have the backing of the law in whatever county or countries they are made in. According to (Melvin 2011); a country can stop all transactions from that business if they file lawsuit on that country. What factors could work against CadMex's decision to grant sublicensing agreements? Sublicensing agreements comes into play when the organization has too many of them and does not fully incorporate sub-paragraphs. This leaves the organization up for lawsuits if any of the contracted workers do something wrong and also makes the main organization fully liable for any damages. Even workers within the sublicensing can sue a business formed within the sublicensing agreement (Melvin, 2011). When the local customs and laws conflict with the customs and laws of an organization operating abroad, which should prevail? Explain why. The local customs and laws of whatever country an organization is operating in should always prevail over the other countries operating locations. Laws only mean something if they are made for that country and can be enforced. Most overseas companies...
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