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Topics: Genetically modified organism, Genetically modified food, Genetic engineering Pages: 40 (14577 words) Published: January 11, 2013
Genetically Modified Organisms|
in Food|
Team Members:|
Team Leader: Brenda Brown


Abstract by Brenda Brown and Tony Balch3
Thesis Statement and Summary by Kelly Baker and Brenda Brown4 GMO Technology by Vanessa Brogsdale5
I. What are GMO’S?
II. Scientific Techniques and Experiments
History of GMO by Vanessa Brogsdale12
I. Biotechnology Timeline
II. Advantages and Disadvantages
Political and Legal Issues by Brenda Brown16
I. U.S. Laws and Regulations
II. Current Political Issues
III. What are the Possible Health Effects of GM FOODS?
The Effect of GMO’S on the Economy by Brenda Brown22
I. Corporate Power
II. The Effects of Farming GM Crops
III. GM Foods around the World
Psychological Considerations and Sociological Effects by Tony Balch26
I. Current Impact on Consumers
II. Organic vs. GM Foods
The Technology in its Cultural Context and Media Influence by Tony Balch35
I. What is Technology Influence?
II. Is There a Consumer Perception?
Implications for the Environment by Kelly Baker37
I. Results of GMO Engineering
II. Effects on Wildlife
Moral and Ethical Implications by Kelly Baker43
I. Intrinsically Wrong and Extrinsically Wrong
II. Perfecting on God’s Creations
Conclusion by Kelly Baker and Brenda Brown47

It has been determined that GMO’s are made up of plants, animals, viruses and bacteria that are created in laboratories. Scientist started experimenting with GMO’s in the early 1950’s with investigation of plants DNA. In the 1970’s scientist developed the first genetically engineered organism. By the early 1990’s biotechnology had expanded on production of GM foods to the public, but this brought fourth concerns. There are also those who believe that the laws and regulations that are attributed to genetically modified foods have been influenced through both the media and political aspects. These influences have brought about worries to GM food consumers and they started comparing the similarities and differences in organic foods and GM foods. Consumers want to know what GM food products they have consumed and will be aware of any affects that may be acquired with consumption. Not only are there consumer challenges that must be faced with these technological experimentations, but also the impacts that may be developed environmentally or effects that may incur with nature and wildlife. Some societies are worried about how the rich will prosper and the poorer countries will suffer and possibly go hungry. Some religions and groups protest eating genes and do not want to consume such un-natural foods and other concerns still the unknown effects on human allergies and transfer of antibiotic resistance to intestine bacterial flora or pathogenic bacteria in our bodies.

Genetically Modified Organisms in Food
Consumers today have a right to know if genetically modified foods are harmful to our health, the environment and our economy. In order to be able to answer these questions more research needs to be done. Summary

Controversy around genetically modified foods is becoming big news and sorting through volumes of information can be intimidating. The public is asking a lot of questions about GM foods and they are also raising concerns about the effects these foods may have on their health or the environment. There are different advantages and disadvantages of GM foods, although to what extent they can help or harm humans and the environment is a debatable aspect of this technology. The time has come to look at the decisions that we make about genetic engineering in food crops and if it will have permanent consequences on our food production capacity. Are genetically modified foods putting us at a crossroads in terms of the agricultural legacy that we will leave behind for our children and grandchildren? Modern technology has given us the...
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