The Worlds Evilest Corporation

Topics: Genetically modified organism, Genetically modified food, Agriculture Pages: 5 (1505 words) Published: April 22, 2013
C. Smith

Every night many Americans sit at the dinner table with their families, ready to dig in to their home cooked dinner. Their dinners consist of what they think is farm fresh vegetables, and meet that is healthy for them. Little do they know that the farm fresh foods have been genetically altered. According to Ronnie Cummins, The National Director of the Organic Consumers Union, Genetically modified food is a food product or crop that foreign proteins have been gene-spliced (Anonymous, 2002). Since genetically modified food has been introduced it has solved many problems with food supply, until now.

Genetically engineered crops are still a very unknown and even in some cases unheard of subject to people globally. This technology, even being such and unknown subject, has quickly and only gaining speed overruns our diets by stating with our most consumed food crops. Genetic material from one organism is inserted in the genetic code of another and by doing this biotechnologist have created vast amounts of different genetically engineered organisms. Organisms such as tomatoes with flounder genes, fish with growth genes, pigs with human growth genes, along with thousands of other plants, animals and insects.

There is a power-hungry corporation that is destroying all of humanity's future. This corporation has done anything and everything in their power to gain monopolistic control over the global food supply. They have threatened, bribed, and intimidated farmers who sold out the future of humanity for the almighty dollar. This corporation is known as Monsanto "Monsanto is known as the most evil corporation on this earth today"(Last Name, Date). They are much 0more ruthless and evil than the pharmaceutical business, and even the weapon industry.

Corporations are expected to act with some form of human decency. They should act as if they were decent human beings, but they fail to act in this manner because of their never ending mission for more and more of the almighty dollar. Corporations are expected to have reliable science, honest business practices, and respect for human life. Monsanto does none of these. Their science may be reliable but the true outcomes are manipulated therefore, only the positives are globally seen in the spot light.

Monsanto’s main focus is to increase corporate profits at all cost, even if it is detrimental to human life. The intent of Monsanto’s seed-and-herbicide business is to trick farmers into a system of economic independence (Enter Citation).

Monsanto’s products disrupt and compromise life its self. One major project of Monsanto’s is genetically modified corn. A study was done on rats, having them eat genetically modified corn. Also the rats were given drinking water that had legal levels of chemical fertilizer in it, which is also another of Monsanto's products. In result, fifty percent of male rats and seventy percent of female rats died a premature death. All of the rats that were exposed to thier genetically modified corn even in small doses, suffered ginormous tumors along with severe kidney and liver damage (citation). Gilles-Eric Seralini of the University of Caen was the leader of the study. Some would agree that it is incredibly mind boggling to find out that the USDA (spell out and then use USDA) and FDA(spell out and then use FDA) gave concent of widspread use of genetically modified corn when Seralini, is the first to every study lifetime effects of eating genetically modified organisms. France's Jose Bove, a major oppenent (define?) of Monsanto's GM project, and the vice-chairman of the European Parliament's commission for agriculture, states that "This study finally shows we are right and that it is urgent to quickly review all GMO evaluation processes, National and European food security agencies must carry out new studies financed by public funding to guarantee healthy food for European consumers." (Citation) The experiment performed by Seralini...
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