Language Attitudes

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Chapter I

Today, English language is widely used not only in the Philippines but throughout the world. It is mostly consider as a second language of non- English speaking countries and the world’s international language. It is widely used as a medium of instruction and communication in many fields such as in education, business, and sciences and even in the day to day activities of man. It unites the whole world Fluency in English language is important and the key that brings success to life. Because of these, the number of individuals who wants to learn the language continuously increases. The success in the English language learning is affected by motivations for learning the language and the leaner’s attitudes towards the language. Student’s ability to learn a second language can be influenced by their attitudes toward the target language, the target language speakers and their culture, the social value of learning the second language, an also the students’ attitudes towards themselves as members of their own culture (Ellis, 1994). Karahan (2007) avers that “positive language attitudes let learner have positive orientation towards learning English”. As such, attitudes may play a very crucial role in language learning as they would appear to influence students' success or failure in their learning. Communication is the country’s links to the world where English is the only string that enables man to understand another man and the second language of the government, education, business and media in the Philippines. Man lives in a rapidly changing society. All around them is fast paced. Business, science, industry and technology are engulfed in speed development. These weigh down heavily on man. He has to keep up with the constant change. In this need, he has to have in him a potent coping mechanism, he has to build attitudes, stimulates his emotion and to solve hi daily life problem (Mones, 1992). Datu Abdulbali Elementary School fosters pupils sponsored by English speaking foreigners and majority of the pupils already encountered and get acquainted with them but are still anxious and lacks confidence to mingle and communicate to them. Hence, the researcher was prompted to take into account a research in their attitudes towards English and the situations they prefer to use the language. To give realization to this desire rationalizes this present research study.

Statement of the Problem
This study aimed to find out the language attitudes and preference in using English of Grade VI pupils in Datu Abdulbali Elementary School.
Specifically, the researcher sought answers to the following questions: 1. What is the attitude of the pupils toward English?
2. In what situations do the pupils prefer to use the language?

Significance of the Study
It is hoped that the findings of this study would be of great help to the following:
Administrators. The result of this study would serve as sound data for planning and redirecting programs of activities essential to the development of students’ communication skills;
Teachers. This study may serve as benchmark for them to use strategies and conduct activities that would enhance and develop the positive attitudes of the students’ toward English;
Parents. This may lead to a better awareness and to foster encouragement and support for their children learning English as their second language;
Students. The results of this study may serve as enlightenment for them to develop positive attitudes and abilities to use English language fluently;
Other Researchers. This will serve as additional literature for their future investigation; and
The Researcher. The result of this study may serve as information on the essential use if strategies and the conduct of activities that would develop the pupils’ attitudes towards English language.

Scope and Delimitation
This study was delimited on the attitudes of all...
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