Investigating Common Indonesian (L1) Interferences in English Classroom Learning

Topics: Language education, Second language, Teaching English as a foreign language Pages: 3 (903 words) Published: May 15, 2013
English language has been globally becoming the first language rank in the term of highly used by people around the word. To the researcher’s own experiences, Holland, French, Italian, and etc., all commonly produce English utterances when they are in Indonesia. They do not speak their own languages or Indonesian to Indonesians unless they are pretty sure about their ability in producing Indonesian. In Indonesia itself, English language is one of the favorite foreign languages to be learned apart from how English is examined in the National Examination for students. It is proven that many Indonesians who are studying English in available courses are not students, but they are from a variety of social backgrounds. In English courses where the researcher is teaching English, for instance, there is a number of students who do not have any cases to the National Examination purpose. To very often, they learn English due to expecting to have a support in reaching their better future (i.e. to have a minimum TOEFL or IELTS score which significantly enables them to fulfil a lot of future purposes such as for taking better jobs or pursuing further study). Shortly, English language plays important roles and/or globally used for communication. On another case however, English is still that as a language, it is always developed and changed (Arifin 2011:100). Linguists believe that this phenomenon substantially develops sociolinguistics like language contact in which it factly varies the language in places. Weinrich (in Chaer dan Agustina 1995:159) stated that language contact is an event of using two languages interchangeably done by a speaker. Later, transmission or language element transfer from one language to another language covers all levels. Consequently, borrowing and influencing to language elements from one language to another language cannot be ignored. In addition, Suwito (1985:39-40) stated that if two or more languages were used interchangeably...
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