Land of Opportunities

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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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Land of Opportunities
I’ve been here for almost two months. Observing and listening to other people’s advice.. Back in the Philippines, I worked in the Government for about 8 ½ years.. being the chief of political affairs of our Mayor in the City, I have the opportunity in dealing with different kinds of people, from rich to the poorest, from (few only) kind politicians to (too much) corrupt Politicians. And most of the problems that I encounter are in Legal aspects. From land issue, to accidents, to assault, to separation, to claims, to traffic violations and more… all of these problems needs advice in a legal point of view and all I need to do is call all of my friends in legal service (public attorney office and some private practicing lawyers) . I have realized that if only I took a course (here they call it Programs) related to legal profession, probably I could help more during I was there. Helping people ever since is my passion..

Now, I’m living here with so much opportunities and have the chance to start a new life. And to start again I want it to be a better one than before but this time I will so much prepared and ready. If I want to help more people I should be educated and equipped with information that will help them especially in a legal battle. And that’s why I want to grab this opportunity to enroll in a Paralegal Program. What more would I ask for? the Government here is very supportive in giving opportunity to everyone. Helping them to achieve their dreams. It will only take one year to finish the program and hopefully I can make it with the help of course of the school I choose.

Thank you Canada.
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