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  • Published : January 16, 2013
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I have learned a lot in achieving goals, time preferences, and pathways of learning; analyze statements, types of thinking, reading and information literacy, bring something new to taking notes, explores types of memory, diversity, communication and stress management, managing money and reflections so I can be successful in my education. In this class I have been giving good tips on every aspect on criminal justice. It also makes me know that it is to learn all the important information in the class so I can success in my education. I am a Verbal-Linguistic and more of a reader/writer then visual person. I have learned all the ends and out of criminal justice. This class has benefited me in every aspect in my life.

I am not only motivated to make a difference in the communities, but also motivated to join the ranks of a new family. I chose this path because I have always enjoyed the idea of solving situations. I can honestly say I can’t imagine myself doing anything else because I am extremely fascinated by the role and intensity of these fields. Just watching what it takes to do their job is remarkable. That’s why I love this class so much because it’s a learning process for me and my life. It makes my family so proud of me that I’m taking criminal justice and going forward with my education. So all I have to do is stay with it so I can success in this degree.
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