Laminar Boundary Layer Assignment

Topics: Reynolds number, Fluid mechanics, Viscosity Pages: 2 (423 words) Published: August 1, 2012
UNIVERSITI TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN Faculty Course Year/ Semester Session : Engineering and Science Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) : Mechanical/Chemical/Civil Engineering : 2/1, 2/2, 3/1 : 2012/05 Unit Code Unit Title Lecturer : : : UEME3112 Fluids Mechanics II Dr Lai Soon Onn/Ms. Jaslyn Low Foon Siang

CFD Assignment: Laminar Boundary Layer
Form a group of 4-5 students to run a CFD simulation in laminar flow to answer the following questions. You can use any geometry with proper dimensions and make necessary assumptions in this simulation. Questions a) Show the developing and developed flow patterns. b) Show the inviscid and laminar flow patterns. c) Show the growth of the boundary layers. d) Compare the boundary layer thicknesses with Blasius solution. e) Show the centerline velocity distributions. f) Show the radial velocity distributions g) Compare the outlet velocity with theoretical calculation. h) Compare the skin friction factor with theoretical calculation. Report Contents The report should be organized such that the purpose is stated, the procedure followed is highlighted and the results are presented, compared and discussed accounting for any differences in the results of the data acquisition methods (AFD and CFD). Finally the report should end with conclusion and recommendations. The report should be prepared according to the following guidelines. 1) Introduction (5 pts) 2) CFD input and Procedures (15 pts) 3) Results and Discussion (80 points) 4) Conclusion and Recommendations (10 pts) 5) Report Presentation (appearance, organization, writing style, spelling, and grammar) (10 pts) Total: 120 marks Both hardcopy and softcopy (including journals) of assignments must be submitted. Marks will be deducted for any failure to follow the template/format. The due date of report submission is 5 pm on 8 August 2012 (Wednesday).

Assignment Format Guidelines 1. Type setting Font – Time New Roman Font size – 12 Line spacing – 1.5 lines 2. Page margin - Left...
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