Effects of Media Violence

Topics: Writing, Critical thinking, Parenthetical referencing Pages: 3 (676 words) Published: December 8, 2012
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3.2 Rhetorical Analysis Essay
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3.2 Rhetorical Analysis Essay

* Use techniques for critical reading
* Evaluate how personal context influences your own and others' perspectives * Understand how perspective and bias can influence argument * Conduct basic library database searches

* Summarize sources effectively
* Practice responsible use and correct citation of sources * Write a rhetorical analysis

For this assignment, you will apply the techniques of rhetorical analysis from Chapter 4 to the media violence essay from Chapter 2 that is most persuasive to you. (If you’ve changed your mind as we’ve worked on this unit, you can choose a different essay than the one you originally selected.) This time, you’ll be writing as yourself, with your imaginary critic as the audience. This essay is essentially an expansion of the elements in a rhetorical analysis paragraph into a fully-developed rhetorical analysis essay. Instead of a sentence or two on each element, you’ll have an entire paragraph to examine each element in more depth.

* Please view this handout on Writing a Critical Response for more information on writing a critical response. * Please view this page on The Rhetorical Situation for an informative PowerPoint presentation on The Rhetorical Situation. The file is located at the top of the linked web page. * Please review the MLA formatting videos available at the end of this weekly module. Requirements:

* Approximately 900-1000 words, plus a Works Cited page in MLA Format * Please view the Guidelines for Submitting Assignments page in the Start Here module for more formatting Guidelines. Due: Sunday, Week 3

Where do I post my work? Please click on the 3.2 Rhetorical Analysis Essay link in black type at the top of the page. Since this is a formal...
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