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Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Truth Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: October 10, 2011
During the first week of class we discussed the roll of advertisements and marketing in today’s society. The readings that were covered were Illusions are Forever by Jay Chiat and Champagne Taste, Beer Budget by Delia Cleveland.

The first reading appeared to focus more on the truth, or “art” behind advertising and how it affects people’s everyday lives. One of the main points that Chiat seemed to focus on was the fact that media clouds our natural judgment and presents a perfect world that they make us think that everyone lives in. One example of this “dream world” that the majority of the class seemed to focus on was that advertisers belief that parents are supposed to please their children with whatever is considered popular regardless of cost or availability of the product. Which I found true in most cases because parents usually do a good job at embarrassing their children.

In Champagne Taste, Beer Budget, Delia Cleveland tells us about how she believed that having the latest and greatest designer brand clothing made her feel more appealing to those around her. Some young adults today are so focused on what others think of them that they are willing to spend whatever amount of money necessary just to look good. Later in the essay Cleveland talks about how having expensive taste is not worth all of the money and time it took to live a life like she used to. During the class discussions, a large part of the class agreed with Cleveland in saying that no clothes or accessories are worth ridiculous amounts of money.

In my opinion, both essays that we read did a good job at explaining how advertising and marketing affects today’s society and how people react to different marketing strategies.
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