Lack of Sleep Affects School Work

Topics: Hypertension, Sleep deprivation, Sleep Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Lack of sleep affects school work

This is a big problem for a lot of teenagers because they want to stay up doing things that they enjoy. For example playing video games, talking on the phone, watching tv, and many other things like these. I know it because I did this too. Lack of sleep can effect your work really bad because you loose your focus in class and you don’t want to listen to anything and pay less attention to what the teacher is saying. Also lack of sleep can affect your behavior,cognitive skills, and temperament. By continuing not to sleep well it is possible to develop many psychiatric illnesses especially depression. Lack of sleep will both affect school work and it is deniable. Anxiety could also be the reason for lack of sleep because many teenagers have problems with something in their lifes and worry about it on regular daily basis. For example girls thinking about their weight and worrying about it, not getting enough attention from someone, being bullied, not having friends to talk to, or home issues. The best way to avoid these things is trying to get enough sleep on regular daily basis and try not to upset yourself with the problems in their life. Young kids tend to stay up late and if it continues through time it can cause damage to themselves. I try not to keep any electronic devices near me when I sleep. I also try not to leave something playing while I am sleeping because the brain is still working even when we sleep. I believe lack of sleep is very bad and should be avoided especially when you’re a teen because that’s when you are growing and want to avoid these types of things. Also too much sleep can be bad if it continous regularly because when you wake up you’re still sleepy. You will find yourself not wanting to do anything because you will lack positive energy and life itself can become boring.

Lack of sleep plays a critical role in thinking and learning, it hurts these cognitive processes in many ways. First, it...
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