Lab Report Human Traits

Topics: Allele, Genetics, Gregor Mendel Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Our Lady of Mercy School

Name: Victor Meira Pinto Date: 18/03/13

Subject: Biology Grade: 11th A Teacher: Ms.Braga Concept:_______ -------------------------------------------------


Human Traits
The study of genes, Genetics, is a branch in Medicine that studies how genes are formed, distributed and how they change the organisms’ characteristics. The pioneer in the field of Genetics, Mendel, was able to formulate various laws based on genes, such as the law of segregation. Even though Mendel did not know about the existence of DNA, he was able to show that some traits are carried to offspring, even though the parents did not appear to have the gene.

There are two types of genes, the dominant and the recessive genes. The dominants, often represented by a capital letter, are that when present, the living thing will have the characteristic. Recessive genes, represented by a lower case letter can be together with a dominant gene or another recessive gene. For example: suppose that in bees, the shape of their body is dominant when shaped as a cone (S), and recessive when shaped as a sphere (s). In this case the genotype would be S or s and the phenotype would be the shape of the bee. If a bee has SS or Ss, it will be shaped as a cone, but if it is double recessive ss, it will be shaped as a sphere. Even though the probability of having double recessive genes is lower, some traits, even in humans, the percentage of double recessive is greater than dominant.

The objective was to observe some human traits among the students.

* Volunteer

1.Ask the students to answer about the following traits.
2.Take notes.
| Dominant Students| Recessive Students| Percentage of Dominant Students| Percentage of Recessive Students| Tongue Rolling| 12| 3| 80%...
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