Korea, Which Is Called “Asia Fashion Capital”, It's Well Known That Korea Apparel Is Quite Popular in Asia Market .the Textiles (Apparel) Sector Ha

Topics: South Korea, Gross domestic product, Purchasing power parity Pages: 5 (1701 words) Published: August 27, 2010

fffffffffffn for its racy marketing photography, rendered to grayscale and featuring outdoors, beach, or mountain backdrops, with common elements of semi-nude males and scantly-clad women. The company promotes its casting sessions, models, and photo shoots in the "A&F Casting" feature online at abercrombie.com. The website also provides a gallery of current photography. Framed copies at A&F stores will sometimes name the model and store.When it comes to the A&F store, it is so impressive. The exterior design of store is the the Modern Canoe with wooden louvers, featured marketing image directly faces the entrance. The interior is lighted with dim ceiling lights and spot lighting. A&F fragrance for men, is automatically spritzed from the lighting tracks and manually by employees. Electronic dance music meant to create an upbeat atmosphere may be played at sound levels as high as 90 decibels, exceeding the corporate policy of 80 decibels and comparable to heavy construction machinery and harmful to the ears. The company uses "brand representatives", now called "models," for store customer service. The models had been required to buy and wear Abercrombie & Fitch apparel but may now wear any no-logo clothing as long as it corresponds with the season.[13] An "Impact Team" was created in 2004 to control merchandise within each store and maintain company standards; "visual managers" are responsible for forms, lighting, photo marketing, fragrance presentations and to ensure models comply with the "look policy". In conclusion ,above upscale image will allow A&F to open stores in international high-end locations and further promote the image by pricing its merchandise at almost double the American prices. ⅣConsumer

1 Consumer behavior
Recent studies on Korean consumer behavior show that consumers tend to be both brand-savvy and price-conscious when making apparel purchases. Most consumers seem to correlate imported brand names and higher prices with superior quality. They generally pay close attention to the country-of-origin when evaluating quality and making purchasing decisions on apparel products. Specifically they prefer brand apparel from the United States and Europe over imports from other Asian countries, such as China and the South East Asian nations. Korean consumers also place a premium on the wearing of luxury brands as a way of displaying one's social position and wealth. After going through a stage of mass consumption of "ordinary" apparel, consumers are increasingly developing diverse tastes, yet at the same time searching for reasonable prices for their fashions. 2 Consumer profile and purchasing power

A large part of Korean's households are rich or very rich. They value the brands because in Korean you are what you wear or what you show to other people. As a result, Korean consumers are quite conformist and so it is important to follow the trend and local trend-makers. Since Koreans have strong purchasing power and are very sensitive to the power of the brand name.So the apparel products of A&F exactly meet the consumer’s demand.also means theCulture, alongside economic factors, is probably one of the most important environmental variables to consider in global marketing.Culture is very often hidden from view and can be easily overlooked. Similarly, the need to overcome cultural myopia is paramount. (1) Material culture refers to tools, artifacts and technology.Before marketing in Korean culture,it is important to assess the material culture like transportation, power, communications and so on.The Logistics of korea is relatively efficient. The country’s major logistics complexes are located in the areas near its major international ports and airports. These complexes constitute free trade zones, which offer several advantages to foreign-invested firms.so the convenient transportation and efficient logistics enable A&F corporation to pay low cost to...
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