Koleksi Soalan Sains Tahun 6

Topics: Food preservation, Air pollution, Waste Pages: 8 (1246 words) Published: July 9, 2011
CD Question Bank – Workbook Science Year 6

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Theme: Investigating Materials

Instructions: Each question is followed by four options, A, B, C and D. Choose the correct answer.

1.| Razi kept the following food in a cupboard. Which food would be the first to spoil?| | A| | B| |
| C| | D| |

2.| Which of the following are the characteristics of spoilt food?| | I| It is colourful.|
| II| It is slimy.|
| III| It is mouldy|
| IV| It has an unpleasant smell|
| | |
| A| I and II only|
| B| III and IV only|
| C| II, III and IV only|
| D| I, II, III and IV|

3.| Diagram 1 shows dark spots on a slice of spoilt bread.Diagram 1Which of the following microorganisms are growing on the bread?| | A| | B| |
| C| | D| |

4.| Which of the following conditions are the most suitable for microorganisms to grow in?| | A| Hot and dry|
| B| Damp and warm|
| C| Wet and hot|
| D| Cold and warm|

5.| Food preservation is a process by which ...|
| A| microorganisms are killed.|
| B| food is treated so that it will keep.|
| C| microorganisms are removed from food.|
| D| food is made more tasty.|

6.| The information below is about the preservation of tapioca.i.The tapioca is boiled.ii.The tapioca is cut into smaller pieces.iii.The tapioca is dried in the Sun.iv.The tapioca is filled into a pack.v.The air is removed from the pack and then the pack is sealed. Which of the following are involved in the above process? J - Drying| L - Salting| K - Pickling| M – Vacuum-packing|

| A| J and L |
| B| J and M |
| C| L and K |
| D| J, L, and M |

7.| Mak Munah uses more vinegar to preserve fruit. Which of the following about the fruit that is preserved by Mak Munah are true?| | I| The taste of the fruit changes|
| II| The nutrients in the fruit increase|
| III| The fruit becomes more acidic |
| IV| The fruit will keep longer|
| | |
| A| I and II only|
| B| II and IV only|
| C| I, III and IV only|
| D| I, II, III and IV|

8.| In a process of food preservation, food is heated to a high temperature to kill microorganisms.Which of the following methods involves the process described above?| | A| Pickling|
| B| Salting|
| C| Freezing|
| D| Canning|

9.| The following is a list of several methods of food preservation. J| -| Salting | K| -| Freezing|
L| -| Drying|
Which method can be used for preserving eggs?|
| A| J only|
| B| J and K only|
| C| K and L only|
| D| J, K and L|

10.| Diagram 2 shows a method of food preservation..Diagram 2Which of the following processes is involved in the method shown above?| | A| Condensation|
| B| Evaporation|
| C| Boiling|
| D| Freezing|

11.| The following are the steps in the pickling of fruit. P| -| Mix the fruit with salt and leave overnight| Q| -| Soak the fruit in a concentrated sugar solution|
R| -| Wash and drain the fruit again|
S| -| Slice the young fruit|
T| -| Wash and drain the fruit|
Which of the following is the correct sequence?|
| A| S, P, T, Q, R|
| B| T, P, R, Q, P|
| C| S, T, P, R, Q|
| D| P, R, Q, S, T|
12.| Which of the following food and method of preservation are correctly matched?| | A| Mangoes – canning|
| B| Milk – pasteurization|
| C| Eggs - drying|
| D| Meat - waxing|

13.| The growth of bacteria and fungi in food can be prevented by removing water from the food.Based on the above statement, which of the following methods of preserving food can be used?| | I| Salting|

| II| Drying|
| III| Smoking|
| IV| Vacuum-packing|
| | |
| A| I and II only|
| B| II and III only|
| C| II and IV only|
| D| I, II and...
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