Koleksi Soalan Sains Tahun 6

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  • Published: July 9, 2011
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CD Question Bank – Workbook Science Year 6

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Theme: Investigating Materials

Instructions: Each question is followed by four options, A, B, C and D. Choose the correct answer.

1.| Razi kept the following food in a cupboard. Which food would be the first to spoil?| | A| | B| |
| C| | D| |

2.| Which of the following are the characteristics of spoilt food?| | I| It is colourful.|
| II| It is slimy.|
| III| It is mouldy|
| IV| It has an unpleasant smell|
| | |
| A| I and II only|
| B| III and IV only|
| C| II, III and IV only|
| D| I, II, III and IV|

3.| Diagram 1 shows dark spots on a slice of spoilt bread.Diagram 1Which of the following microorganisms are growing on the bread?| | A| | B| |
| C| | D| |

4.| Which of the following conditions are the most suitable for microorganisms to grow in?| | A| Hot and dry|
| B| Damp and warm|
| C| Wet and hot|
| D| Cold and warm|

5.| Food preservation is a process by which ...|
| A| microorganisms are killed.|
| B| food is treated so that it will keep.|
| C| microorganisms are removed from food.|
| D| food is made more tasty.|

6.| The information below is about the preservation of tapioca.i.The tapioca is boiled.ii.The tapioca is cut into smaller pieces.iii.The tapioca is dried in the Sun.iv.The tapioca is filled into a pack.v.The air is removed from the pack and then the pack is sealed. Which of the following are involved in the above process? J - Drying| L - Salting| K - Pickling| M – Vacuum-packing|

| A| J and L |
| B| J and M |
| C| L and K |
| D| J, L, and M |

7.| Mak Munah uses more vinegar to preserve fruit. Which of the following about the fruit that is preserved by Mak Munah are true?| | I| The taste of the fruit changes|
| II| The nutrients in...
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