Knowledge Management

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how to lead a knowledge worker

The people who are knowledge workers are included among those who work in research and development for the pharmaceutical business. they also developed a new computer game for software companies. In addition, they also are partners (or rising star) in a professional services firm and also the mechanics and designers in formula one racing team. The best lead clever " knowledge worker's" is :

1. Have ability and authority
- To lead knowledge workers, a leader must have the ability and power to lead them. This is because if there is the ability to lead the organization to make business has become even better. despite the ability it also requires power. power is a key element of the ball by a leader in managing the organization. This is because, the leader must be seen to have the ability and the authority to control operations and design changes. -based on the case study, ability and authority lead can be shown on WPP boss . WPP boss enforce commercial discipline, tough love offering compassionate caregivers. 2. Relationship

- leader must ensure they have relational visibility across workgroups inside the organization and outside. This is because the relationships with employees is very important to ensure that the works will be done effectively. if a leader does not have a good relationship with the knowledge workers so they will feel depressed and do not work on It will cause good results. - from case study, according goffee and Jones, the Working knowledge workers usually involves complex tasks and should be done in a team environment. This means that there must be good relationships to ensure team tasks can be implemented effectively. 3. Competence and creative

- to lead a knowledge workers, leader must have the competence and creative insight to recognize contribution that would create sustainable competitive advantage.This is because, knowledge workers are included in the creative minded. -based on the case study,...
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