Knowledge Management

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2.1.1 Knowledge Management
Knowledge management is viewed as a “process about acquisition, creation, packaging and application of reuse of knowledge” (Davenport et al., 1998). Knowledge differs greatly from information or data, and systems supporting knowledge management have a broader range of design issues. Knowledge management always multiple users to access documents on the web and even larger data sets residing in the organizations’ intranets and web- accessible databases. As the amount of available data continues to grow rapidly, it is increasingly difficult for users to find, organize, access, and maintain the information they require. Knowledge has become a precious property and Knowledge Management has been widely practiced by many organizations as one of the most promising ways of achieving success in the information age (Malone, 2002). The main concern of a university is to develop quality graduates, who should possess analytical and problem solving skills and interpersonal understanding as part of their learning achievements, thereby, contributing to the nation’s goal of building a knowledge-based society. Organizational knowledge has been stored in numerous ways, including in human minds, documents, notes, manuals, and report and it has also been shared among individuals through several communication channels such as conferences, seminars, training programs, and forums. These have been applied for many years and although they are still being used, the emergence of new computer-based communication technologies has, not only complemented the traditional storage and delivery methods, but has also improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall knowledge delivery mechanisms. However, the new technologies have not enabled the free flow and sharing of knowledge among members of the respective organizations 2.1.2 Knowledge Management Systems

Knowledge management system is an IT based system for managing...
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