Object Oriented Information Modelling

Topics: Object-oriented programming, Knowledge management, Abstract data type Pages: 7 (2036 words) Published: July 3, 2012

The object oriented information modeling started in the early 1960’s, but at the time it was not very popular. It is only recently that object oriented programming has become popular. It was designed for the purposes of creating simulations and was developed by Kristen Nygaard and Ole-Johan Dahl in Norway. The term “object oriented information modeling” was first used by Xerox PARC in their Smalltalk programming language. The term was used to refer to the process of using the objects as the foundation for computation. The object could be changed, created, or deleted and this was different from the static systems that were commonly used.

Object oriented information modeling is part of creators that make as awesome results in knowledge findings. It is an explicit and systematic process of managing vital knowledge and fits associated processes of creating, gathering, analyzing, organizing and exploitation to create the implication of the program. It was using an object that is data structure consisting of data fields and methods together with their interactions that to design application and computer programs. They are two types in object oriented information that are business items and data items. Business objects represent parts or parts assemblies. Business object attributes include its name and revision.

This object oriented also applying knowledge continuum that firstly using a product data management system to allow data managers and engineers build a product structure. All the information they gain such as component’s drawings and documents are kept up to date as the objects representing each components. Data items are describe by Metadata. As a research been made by increasing of knowledge, Metadata is separate from the data files so when the possibility of the wrong data file being associated still it permits data files to be reused. After that by creating a new drawing number creates a new business object to which a new data file can be attached and at the same time creating a new revision of a drawing creates a unique business object with the same part number but new revision letter to which an updated data file can be attached. They are a some critical factors in ensuring the effectiveness of knowledge strategy in business that are support and involvement top management at all levels, alignment of organizational culture to the reward system and last but not least accessibility to efficient and advanced technology and tools to facilitate knowledge capture, sharing and dissimilation.


The object oriented information model has shown in the application that it positively related with knowledge management systems whereas the object oriented information model such as java which is the program or systems that being created based on the object oriented information model has the similar function with the knowledge management systems. For knowledge management systems its support effective learning of organizational learning by providing well-indexed tools for collaborative knowledge management social and knowledge network analysis. Whereby, the java program which is produced by Netscape provide the tools for client to search information and since it has a lot of version there are some of it that also provide fast link to the search able database.

The object oriented information modeling is set of tools and method that enables software engineers to build reliable, user’s friendly, and maintainable, well documented, reusable software systems that fulfills the requirement of its users. The software of object oriented information modeling can be used to solve a lot of problems. It is a software system that as a community of object that cooperate with each other by passing a message to solve a problems. These functions shows that the model is essential to the knowledge management systems since knowledge management based is that it should...
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