Knowledge and Practice

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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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Cueno, Rouvel P.November 21, 2012
COMA 104 – CBibliographic Essay
A Bibliographic Essay for COMA 104
Knowledge and Practice
What is knowledge and what is practice? Which is more important and which one precedes the other? Although there were numerous other authors who can define and explain the two, one of the more interesting ones come from Mao Tse-tung as he mentioned it in his work On Practice, where he stated that: …materialism examined the problem of knowledge apart from the social nature of man and apart from his historical development, and was therefore incapable of understanding the dependence of knowledge on social practice” (Tse-tung, On Practice). Another statement from Mao states how knowledge is rooted from practice:

…Man's knowledge depends mainly on his activity in material production, through which he comes gradually to understand the phenomena… None of this knowledge can be acquired apart from activity in production. In a classless society every person, as a member of society, joins in common effort with the other members, enters into definite relations of production with them and engages in production to meet man's material needs. In all class societies, the members of the different social classes also enter, in different ways, into definite relations of production and engage in production to meet their material needs. This is the primary source from which human knowledge develops. (Tse-tung, On Practice) Mao further defined practice by stating that, “Man’s social practice is not confined to activity in production, but takes many other forms…” (Tsu-tung, On Practice).

Sociolinguistics and Sociology of Language
The difference between Sociolinguistics and the sociology of language can be defined by a statement from an online global source of summary and reviews where it is stated that: Sociolinguistic differs from sociology of language. Sociolinguistics deal with the effect of society on the language. It includes all...
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