Topics: Tao Te Ching, Rhetoric, Brand Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: May 12, 2013
In “Thoughts from the Tao-te Ching” Lao- Tzu has an anti-materialistic view point. He believes that possessions and wealth are leaden weights of the soul; they are meaningless and trivial. Any truly free and enlightened person will regard them as evil. (22) Being in a state of true enlightenment means not being overly concerned with possessions and learning to be completely satisfied with the items you do possess which are within your means.

The advertisers in this commercial use one rhetorical concept known as pathos. An appeal in which they convince consumers on an emotional level that this product will in fact change they’re life, and without it they’re hair will remain dull and lifeless. Pantene Pro-V asks consumers one simple question, “Are you ready to take the challenge? Healthier hair in just 7 days” Any person watching may answer and say “Absolutely!” Liv Tyler, in this advertisement, explains how much damage she does to her hair everyday with heat and styling products. She seems unhappy and her hair looks very unhealthy. If you notice the scene where she is having her hair done, it is shot in black and white. She walks past the shelf displaying all other products she and any consumer might have. She eventually uses the saving grace of shampoo and conditioner, “Pantene Pro-v”. The scene suddenly switches to bright colors and her attitude changes as she seems more lively and upbeat. The song playing in the background is titled “Happy Endings” by Mika. A person who would have seen this commercial might have found the symbolism with the song and the name of the Pantene product; repair and protect. The product is described as being one that will repair your hair with emphasis on split ends.

The shampoo/ hair product industry uses a combination of pathos and ethos. The actress in this advertisement attempts to convince the consumer, that with the use of the product in 7 just days you could have gorgeous, healthy, shiny hair. Ethos is another rhetorical...
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