Knowing Your Audience Paper & Communication Release

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  • Published : November 23, 2012
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Knowing Your Audience Paper & Communication Release
When we are communicating information it is vital to know our audience and ensure ou are effectively conveying the message. If we are dealing with a variety of cultural people, we need to consider how our audience will receive and accept our translated information. I will discuss the protocol on the Chilean Copper Mining accident that occurred on August 5, 2010. It is crucial that the Chilean Copper Mining employees and families be communicated with about their loved ones and what will be done to help with their peace of mind. It was August 5, 2010, when there was a collapse inside the main access tunnel at a small copper mining operation in northern Chile; causing 33 workers to be trapped underground (2010). The miners were believed to be in shaft about 2,200 feet below the surface. According to “Chile Mining Accident” (2010), there was no word about their fate, whether they were alive or whether they would be rescued for 17 days. A small hole was borrowed to allow rescuers to send water, sugars, and other supplies to help make them a little more comfortable. The miners were also able to be in communication with their loved ones by using the whole. It wasn’t until October 9, 2010, when the rescue efforts were successful and the miners were saved one by one (Chile Mining Accident, 2010). In a situation like this, it is important to take caution when preparing to communicate with the families and fellow employees of the trapped miners. I must be sensitive to the situation, ensure my information is credible, and ensure my audience understands or receiving my message as it was intended. Since I know my audience is going to be the families and fellow employees of the trapped miners, I generally know who will be listening to my every word. Even before I deliver my message, I need write out what exactly it is I want to say. It is vital to all the members they receive accurate information on...
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