Knight in Shining Armor

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I hate it so much when I think of him
And there’s no way for me to be with him
I want him like crazy and the feeling eats me alive
Things seem to rush in a creative pace
Everything so ideal
I don’t care anymore who will be against us
As long as he’s with me
And because of that I have realized, I am deeply in love
No holds barred.

He was never really in my vocabulary
‘Til one day, he became the only word I know
He would run through my mind
As if there’s no other thing to think of everyday
When I wake up, thoughts of him come rushing
When I sleep, I play romantic scenes in my head
As if he’s with me
And he became a routine, an addiction, an obsession
With no cure, and will never stop.

I can’t get him off my head
His name resounds time after time
The feeling was overflowing and I can’t deny that
Everytime, I want a piece of him.

But one day, unexpectedly,
He broke my heart
He said he’s losing hopes for us.
I badly cried that night for I never wanted us to be apart
And him to give up on me
I already felt love seriously
And I am already attached to him
That if I let go,
It will leave a wound that would keep on bleeding

I am so scared to have him give me up so I prayed,
“ Please don’t let me lose him,
He’s my everything and I don’t know if I could carry on without him.” And then we were fine, issue resolved.
Everything was back to normal
Like it was everything we’ve started.
We drowned into our I love you’s every minute of the day
And he allowed me to dream of love once again.

I can never forget those moments that I cried
When everybody’s pulling me down
When all eyes stare at me
When all fingers point on me
When everyone’s judgment were all against me
He never left me alone
He even tried to catch every pain loaded upon me
He’s been my hiding place
Perhaps, my knight in shining armor.
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