Kitty's Diary (Goggle Eyes)

Topics: 2006 albums, Feeling, Mind Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Dear Diary,

My day today proved to be one of the strangest and most revealing in my life. I've been speeding forward so rapidly with everything that I've barely had a proper chance to stop and look back. My opportunity came today, when apparently Helly was having some 'family issues'. I know you're only a book, but you don't have to be a genius to work out why Loopy sent me to help her instead of Liz. To be honest, Helly helped me just as much as I helped her today. When I first found her in the storage cupboard, she was a right old mess, I tell you, tears streaming down her face like waterfalls, and clutching more tissues than I thought humanely possible. She looked as if she was suffering from a severe fever. Once Helly had settled down (well as far as someone in a state like her could settle down) she explained enough for me to understand the conflict she had going on with 'Toad-Shoes'.

After shifting myself into a near-comfortable position I launched into my Goggle-Eyes story. I realise that the next part may sound a bit vain, but I am really, rather a good story teller. I could tell from the sparkle in Helly's eyes that she was entranced, and could have happily settled down and listened all day. Actually, she did, almost. A few hours. Close enough.

As I recalled the events, they seemed to re-enlighten in my mind; it was as if I was reliving every single minute, but with a completely different attitude to everything. It's an amazing but queer feeling, to lose yourself in your own story. I could imagine it all in my mind. I thought back, observed my every action, and at the same time telling what I did to Helly, making me feel quite like I was commentating on my own life. My emotions all merged together, what I felt then to what I feel now. Reflecting on it, there are so things I wish I never said, however, I could never really shake off that smug little feeling you get; whenever I did something horrible to a certain someone, my immediate reaction...
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