To Kill a Mockingbird Newspaper Article

Topics: To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee, Atticus Finch Pages: 2 (731 words) Published: November 18, 2012
The Maycomb Tribune

Devastating Fire Devours Home
In the early hours of the morning of Saturday 14th December, the house of Miss Maudie Atkinson, 48, caught fire. By approximately 1:15 am, the whole town was filing out of their house to see what was going on and watch in awe as flames devoured their well-loved neighbours’ house. ‘At the front door, I saw fire spewing from Miss Maudie’s dining room window. It looked like a pumpkin.’ Said Jean Louise ‘Scout’ Finch, 7. Luckily for Miss Atkinson, the men of the town were only to glad to help. ‘The men of Maycomb, in all degrees of dress and undress, took furniture from Miss Maudie’s house. ‘It was awful, just awful, I’m so glad I can help poor Miss Maudie after such an ordeal.’ Said Miss Stephanie Crawford, 63, who Miss Maudie is living with until her house is rebuilt. After watching the fire for what seemed a long time, people started growing curious of why nothing was being done to put the fire out. They soon saw why. ‘The old fire truck, killed by the cold, was being pushed from town by a crowd of men.’ But the trouble didn’t stop there as once the fire truck got to the fire and ‘the men attached it’s hose to the hydrant, the hose burst and water shot up, tinkling down onto the pavement. By 2:00 am, the fire was well into the second floor. In a last attempt to salvage something flaming wreck that was once Miss Maudie’s home, Mr Dick Avery began climbing through the window, despite the cries of worried neighbours like ‘Come down from there Dick!’ ‘The stairs are going!’ and ‘Get outta there, Mr Avery!’ If only Mr Avery had listened to these cries, maybe the events to come would have been averted. Mr Avery was wedged tightly in the window frame. The spectators could hardly watch until Jeremy ‘Jem’ Finch, 12, shouted ‘He’s got loose! He’s alright!’ Mr Avery carefully crossed the upstairs porch, swung his legs over the railing and was sliding down a pillar when he slipped. He fell, yelled and landed in a heap in...
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