Kindred Todd

Topics: Ethics, Management, Interpersonal skills Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: February 17, 2013
What is your opinion on how Kindred Todd handled the situation?
In the case of Kindred Todd and Larry Stepchuck’s OD consulting firm there is the good and the bad. Kindred Todd faces an ethical dilemma because the president of the OD consulting firm, Larry Stepchuck, wrongly sells her as an expert in the method of continuous quality improvement (CQI) to a client that is, “ important and potentially large opportunity for our firm.” Kindred Todd addresses her concerns to the President and is told that the client doesn’t know what they need and,” if that is what they want, that’s what we’ll give them.” She is facing in her first position after graduation an important professional ethical dilemma.

Kindred Todd knows that professional ethics are very essential in one’s career and very important in properly diagnosing a development opportunity for a client. Her technical ineptness is rebuffed by her superior, so it becomes clear to Ms. Todd to gain knowledge in the area of expertise in order to better serve her client. Todd looks at her situation to figure out what are the best options for the client and herself. Ms. Todd chooses to represent the client and does so through the competencies of a professional Organizational Development practitioner.

Ms. Todd has strong intrapersonal skills she has the ability to seek an answer through a negative situation. When she was faced with the decision-making process due to the misrepresentation of her skills, she was able to scan through the available choices in her mind, and she considered each alternative and come to a practical decision. She asked herself questions such as: How can I be helpful to this client, how much do I know about quality improvement processes, and how do I satisfy the requirement of my employer etc. She was able to complete all questions because of a strong she has strong ethical mind.

She also exhibited strong interpersonal skills she has a strong ability to work with others. Ms. Todd is not...
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